FA and Jurgen Klopp Support Rhian Brewster over Abuse Claims

The Football Association and Jurgen Klopp hold that racist abuse haunting Rhian Brewster could be understood easily for previous similar experiences of a young Liverpool forward.

Rhian Brewster seven incidents have happened when he playing for England side and Liverpool youth teams. When confronting an interview with The Guardian, the young football player expresses his dissatisfaction and anger at the relevant government departments to deal with this problem.

In a statement of Football Association on the Website, the FA argues that they will take the racist abuse seriously and spare no efforts to support young footballers when they were treated unfairly. It’s their responsibility to stop this abhorrent actions.

“We have host workshops with our relevant groups, discussing on how team to reports similar matters and measurements to deal with problem as they are abused on the pitch.

“In the unfair treatment received by Rhian Brewster, we meet with him at his football club. He also expressed he is frustrated for this matter and expresses his concerns to us. After further understanding of specific conditions, we will support the young and eminent professional football player fully. In addition, we will continue to push relevant responses from related authorities.”

At a match between UEFA Youth League and Spartak Moscow in the earlier of this month, Liverpool shows their dissatisfaction after the incident. FA reveals that they are intend to deal with the problem with UEFA and FIFA.

The authorities was urged to perform better in assuring the evidence needed in further actions. They will take more efficient measurement to tackle the problem. Klopp says, “I hope this will not happen once again. The referees on sports fields need to pay more attention on the problem. It’s necessary for us to take it seriously and tackle the problem together. Everyone shall be responsible for the problem.”

“Although having never suffered the problem, I played with many football players and direct them as a manager from across the world. Busy and fierce competition will distract you from these problems. But Rhian reminds us the problem is still there, and it is needed to tackle badly.”

The Football Association also reveals that they have proposed a need to cooperate with UEFA and FIFA. Besides, concerns about the difficulties in reporting these matters are uttered at the same time.

“Aiming at protecting young footballers better, we hope to cooperate with UEFA and FIFA closely.” Paul Elliott, the president of the FA’s Inclusion Advisory Board, argues that they will negotiate and discuss on the matter with UEFA and FIFA in the following days.”

He suggest that Rhian speak out this matter bravely in a mature and open way. Although it is an awful experience, we still need to deal with it as much as possible.

After entering in the 2018, no one should endure this matter and be treated unfairly. It is incumbent for everyone to guard one’s legitimate rights. It’s also our responsibility to deal with it positively.

Peter Thompson: One Great Footballer in England Football Shirt

Once stellar figure of Liverpool and England national football team Peter Thompson passed away at the age of 76. During the fruitful reign of  Bill Shankly and in the middle of the 1960s and the early 1970s, he reached his football career peak.

Ahead of being forced to leave Liverpool for injuries in 1974, he was a critical footballer in the first ever FA Cup victory in 1965. Considering his overall ability and strength, he was taken as the greatest football player at Anfield. As a very diligent footballer on the left wing, Thompson’s pre-eminent performances in dribbling and controlling pace tortured numerous defenders over the years.

It is reasons that then England manager Alf Ramsey’s prejudice in operating without wingers and not excellent performances at outside left held back him growing into an international football player. Although he had won international caps two times, but each time his team failed to reach the final. From 1964 to 1970, he played some modest football matches for the England national football team.

He was born in Carlisle. Peter was regarded as the most excellent schoolboy star in the late 1950s. After participating Harrby secondary school in Carlisle, it’s obvious that he would have been a professional football player later.

The First Division Preston North End signed him in 1959, and he became a regular aged 17 as a substitute for Tom Finney. He played 121 league matches in three years, establishing himself as the top scorer in 1960-61. Then Liverpool signed him for £37,000 transfer fee in 1963.

When he signed contract with Liverpool, many football fans throned around outside the ground. Manager Shankly said all those fans were waiting to see Peter. After having been promoted to the First Division, Liverpool was capable of winning the championship prior to Manchester United.

In the first seven years with Liverpool, Thompson almost played all league fixtures except for 10 of them. In the following seasons with Liverpool, he was still a go-to person at the time of rebuilding the team by then manager Shanklly.

In 1972-73 season, also the last but one managerial season, Liverpool cultivated most young talented footballers like Toshack and Kevin Keegan. With co-performances of those talents, Liverpool won the title once again while Peter’s severe knee injuries didn’t allow him playing during the campaign. Then he determined to move to Bolton for his ailing body.

As of the first appearance for Liverpool in January 1972, Peter had played 416 fixtures in all football playing career with Liverpool, winning 54 goals for the club. But the relations between him and Shankly got tensioned for his serious injuries. In spite all private factors, the manager admired him very much in work rate and his balance in pitches.

Bolton was promoted to the First Division in 1978. Thompson played 126 football matches for the club and decided to end the football playing career aged 35. The biggest regret is failing to win World Cup donning England football shirt.

After the end of his football playing career, he ran a caravan park in the vicinity of Lancashire for a long term. Then he transferred to hotel trade.

Beckham: There was a coach who thought I could never play for the national team

I believe that most of people know David Beckham who was the greatest English former footballer and played for his nation and other football clubs, including Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy and Paris Saint-Germain. He not only helped these teams he played for get titles of major sporting events but also got many individual awards. During his professional player career, Beckham was awarded the Best FIFA Men’s Player in 1999 and 2001, England Player of the Year in 2003 and FWA Tribute Award in 2008.

He has become a national hero and the most handsome man in the eyes of the British people and women around the world. His each change of hairstyle will become the leading fashion in the world. From that we can see that he is so influential. In addition, he has consistently ranked among the highest earners in world football.

There is a fact that the status of football in the United Kingdom is so high. We can explain it with a word from the legendary footballer that is “Football permeates our culture, there is in our DNA. We are born into this world, football with us, never to be parted.”

David Beckham had played 115 games as a professional football player, only after Peter Leslie Shilton(125) and Wayne Rooney(119). However, he said in an interview that there was a coach of the youth team who thought he could never play for the national team.

“About the time I was 12 years old, an English coach said that I would never be able to play for the national team.”

“I tried hard to get into the club’s youth training camp, but they always thought that I was thin and not strong enough, or that I couldn’t join the national team.”

“Thirty years have passed. I played 115 games for my own country, participated in three World Cups, and became the captain of England national team. I spent happy time in this team.”

“So, I want to convey a message to young players. You may experience frustration and hardship in the process of growing up, but be sure to believe in yourself, enjoy your life, and maintain your love of playing football.”

There is an English player Jamie Vardy scoring a goal after 366 days for the England national team in a match against Italy. He proved himself in this game as a substitute because Harry Kane got injured. Therefore, it is possible for him to participate in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The two warm-up matches Vardy has played show his power, shooting skills and excellent ability of reading a game. Compared with Kane, Valdy is faster and he is good at offense.

England football shirts are high-quality and low-cost for each fan. They are increasingly popular among fans. You can wear a shirt to show your loyalty and support. Cheer on your favorite team and help players win more victories.

McTominay May Be Capped to Deny Scotland

Someone told the ESPN FC that England side intend to grab the excellent footballer of Manchester United, then he will be given the opportunity to play for the England national football team. From five years old, McTominay began the connection with Manchester United academy after becoming one member of the development center in Preston. In the early years, he was deployed as a center forward; then he turned to a central midfielder under Warren Joyce. In 2013, he became a professional football player after signing his first professional contract. From 2013-14 to 2014-15 season, he played for the U18 for seven times. For his small size, this period he witnessed a hard season.

For the sake of severe injuries involving growth and development, McTominay missed most of football matches in the 2014-15 season. His stature increased two inches in two years. However, he experienced the similar condition in the 2014-15 season, only playing 11 football matches for U19 and U21. Nevertheless, he secured a place for himself in the following season with three goals in 21 games. In 2017, he was selected as a member of the substitute footballers for a game against Swansea City in the Premier League.

Although he was born in England, he expressed his idea to play for the Scott side for his Scottish ancestry. Besides, he also pinned his hope on the Scotland football team rather than England national football team. Despite of his training experience in Scottish youth team, he has not play any football game for the Scotland football team at any level. In 2017, the performance director Malky Mackay was told that McTominay intended to spare no efforts to win his place in the Manchester United first-team. It’s said that his manager of the Man United José Mourinho believes that the Scotland football team introduce the footballer to avoid brain drain.

In the 16th round of Champions League, he played for club Manchester United for 16 times until now. The coach of Manchester United Mourinho revealed his concern about the missing of the excellent young football player if the Scotland failed to sign the footballer.

In spite of his ancestry descending from England, McTominay is qualified for becoming a professional football player of Scotland football team for the sake of his grandparents. But he showed a great interest in securing a place in the senor squad at Old Trafford in preference to joining in the Scotland football team.

For having not being a representative of either Scotland or England football team at youth level, McTominay is still available for two national football teams. He caught the attention from the U21 coach Aidy Boothroyd by his eminent performances. Because great interest in the popular football player, some revealed that he will be selected by England national football team for the U21 international football games against Romania and Ukraine. And the Scotland football team also could sign the football player for senior friendlies against Costa Rica and Hungary next month. But the England national football team is more hopeful in getting the excellent young footballer in the camp. Many football fans hope he can put on the England football shirt one day. At last, I would like to recommend a good online store Cheap Football Shirts Replica, where you can find ideal football shirts.

Jordan Pickford Attaches Much Importance to the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Jordan Pickford, the goalkeeper of Everton, says he never stop improving individual ability for the forthcoming of 2018 FIFA World Cup. As Joe Hart trying to compete for a first-team place at West Ham, Pickford and Stoke’s Jack are likely to grab the number one goalkeeper in Russia. Both of them are hunted by injuries in the past 18 months.

Pickford has become one of the superb footballers for his transfer for £30 million in the summer. He was also a man of the competition in Saturday’s draw at home to Chelsea.

When he was asked about the chances at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the 23-year-old professional football player says, “There is still a long way to go. I have to play for Everton insistently and improve my practical skills on sports fields. The only thing I can do is make sure contributing to the club indomitable. This will be a great experience for me.”

The reason why he cannot think too much about the 2018 FIFA World Cup is the great amount of competitions. He can spare no efforts to get there after experiencing all stuff on and off the pitch. But the critical task is to play at the Saturday match and to obtain a clean sheet.

He believes that there is still a long distance to go and it’s critical to concentrate on hard working. Only through this way, can he grow into a more and more competent and mature professional football player. He has accomplished his first appearances successfully, realizing his dream in person by his unremitting efforts. I would become the 24 at that time, and that will be a great experience.

He always improve his ability even if there is no rewards and applauses. He will improve himself consistently at full blast prior to the looming of 2018 FIFA World Cup. In spite of the desire to being famous and strong, he is unwilling to bear too much pressure for fearing of the negative effects of too heavy pressure. If he is not playing for the England national football team, he will not become a regular of the England side.

Jack Wilshere Also Desires to Participate in the World Cup

After proving his outstanding ability in the Premier League, he hopes that he could win the opportunity in England’s World Cup team. In the past three years, he was struggling against injuries, and he was loaned to Bournemouth in the last season. He returned to Arsenal in the summer and gradually cutting a striking figure at Europa League outings.

From the defeat 2-1 to Iceland in 2016, he has not earned any cap of the England national football team. However, he rushed into the Arsenal’s Premier League line-up fortunately. He feels he could make a difference for his team in Russia.

He believes he is able to play for his team in World Cup and to make contributions for it at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Roy Hodgson Praises Raheem Sterling for His Outstanding Performances

The gradually maturing football player imposes a great threat to other football teams. In the pursing of the 19th straight victory, the 23 years old footballer is also an influential football player as usual. On Sunday, an important match among many matches of Premier League was held at Selhurst Park. Prior to becoming a critical football player of England side, Raheem Sterling has worked with the legendary manager Roy Hodgson at Liverpool. As the promises having been made, he greatly improved his practical skills and netted more goals for his team under the direction of Pep Guardiola at City. Hodgson says that he tries to get into penalty box a lot more. It’s necessary for him to leave more credit for the club.

In the last two seasons, Roy Hodgson perceived the signs of Sterling’s maturity. When players started to play footballs as young as Sterling, it is common that his performances on sports fields will be discussed heatedly, and many pundits will talk about their latent talent in short time. Many young football players need time to grow up and discover their potentials step by step, becoming a lead goal scorer through numerous practices and fierce competitions.

“I have paid more attention to footballers who are equivalent to many competent footballers in individual ability. They can keep same peace to beat a man, and they understands more in becoming a top Premier League player. His former England football player Sterling is becoming more and more mature in his playing career. Besides, many professional football players are also becoming more and more mature with time, such as Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Jordan Henderson, Jack Wilshere, etc. It has been two years since I worked with them last time. In the two years, they have experienced many matches of Premier League and Champions League. It’s the two-year experiences make a big difference.”

Although Sterling’s ability having been improved greatly, Hodgson is concerned about negative sequences of racial abuse against Sterling. Manchester United’s fan Karl Anderson was put into jail after confessing guilty to racially assault on the club’s training ground. Hodgson says, “Any intelligent people is unwilling to see a person being assaulted racially.” This special case may deter others from doing the same thing to football players.

In the period working with Hodgson, Sterling has received many critics from many aspects, but Hodgson believes critics are inevitable in the process of player’s growing.

“It’s common that footballers will be criticized as work for a team.” he added, “that’s the method things are. From the moment putting England football shirt on, one shall get ready for abuse while one will get many praises if things go well.”

“I am assure he deals with the matter in a suitable manner, and there will be a bright future for him in England side. During the period of his management, many footballers will own a bright future for their outstanding ability and latent talent.” Hodgson said.