FA and Jurgen Klopp Support Rhian Brewster over Abuse Claims

The Football Association and Jurgen Klopp hold that racist abuse haunting Rhian Brewster could be understood easily for previous similar experiences of a young Liverpool forward.

Rhian Brewster seven incidents have happened when he playing for England side and Liverpool youth teams. When confronting an interview with The Guardian, the young football player expresses his dissatisfaction and anger at the relevant government departments to deal with this problem.

In a statement of Football Association on the Website, the FA argues that they will take the racist abuse seriously and spare no efforts to support young footballers when they were treated unfairly. It’s their responsibility to stop this abhorrent actions.

“We have host workshops with our relevant groups, discussing on how team to reports similar matters and measurements to deal with problem as they are abused on the pitch.

“In the unfair treatment received by Rhian Brewster, we meet with him at his football club. He also expressed he is frustrated for this matter and expresses his concerns to us. After further understanding of specific conditions, we will support the young and eminent professional football player fully. In addition, we will continue to push relevant responses from related authorities.”

At a match between UEFA Youth League and Spartak Moscow in the earlier of this month, Liverpool shows their dissatisfaction after the incident. FA reveals that they are intend to deal with the problem with UEFA and FIFA.

The authorities was urged to perform better in assuring the evidence needed in further actions. They will take more efficient measurement to tackle the problem. Klopp says, “I hope this will not happen once again. The referees on sports fields need to pay more attention on the problem. It’s necessary for us to take it seriously and tackle the problem together. Everyone shall be responsible for the problem.”

“Although having never suffered the problem, I played with many football players and direct them as a manager from across the world. Busy and fierce competition will distract you from these problems. But Rhian reminds us the problem is still there, and it is needed to tackle badly.”

The Football Association also reveals that they have proposed a need to cooperate with UEFA and FIFA. Besides, concerns about the difficulties in reporting these matters are uttered at the same time.

“Aiming at protecting young footballers better, we hope to cooperate with UEFA and FIFA closely.” Paul Elliott, the president of the FA’s Inclusion Advisory Board, argues that they will negotiate and discuss on the matter with UEFA and FIFA in the following days.”

He suggest that Rhian speak out this matter bravely in a mature and open way. Although it is an awful experience, we still need to deal with it as much as possible.

After entering in the 2018, no one should endure this matter and be treated unfairly. It is incumbent for everyone to guard one’s legitimate rights. It’s also our responsibility to deal with it positively.

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