Roy Hodgson Praises Raheem Sterling for His Outstanding Performances

The gradually maturing football player imposes a great threat to other football teams. In the pursing of the 19th straight victory, the 23 years old footballer is also an influential football player as usual. On Sunday, an important match among many matches of Premier League was held at Selhurst Park. Prior to becoming a critical football player of England side, Raheem Sterling has worked with the legendary manager Roy Hodgson at Liverpool. As the promises having been made, he greatly improved his practical skills and netted more goals for his team under the direction of Pep Guardiola at City. Hodgson says that he tries to get into penalty box a lot more. It’s necessary for him to leave more credit for the club.

In the last two seasons, Roy Hodgson perceived the signs of Sterling’s maturity. When players started to play footballs as young as Sterling, it is common that his performances on sports fields will be discussed heatedly, and many pundits will talk about their latent talent in short time. Many young football players need time to grow up and discover their potentials step by step, becoming a lead goal scorer through numerous practices and fierce competitions.

“I have paid more attention to footballers who are equivalent to many competent footballers in individual ability. They can keep same peace to beat a man, and they understands more in becoming a top Premier League player. His former England football player Sterling is becoming more and more mature in his playing career. Besides, many professional football players are also becoming more and more mature with time, such as Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Jordan Henderson, Jack Wilshere, etc. It has been two years since I worked with them last time. In the two years, they have experienced many matches of Premier League and Champions League. It’s the two-year experiences make a big difference.”

Although Sterling’s ability having been improved greatly, Hodgson is concerned about negative sequences of racial abuse against Sterling. Manchester United’s fan Karl Anderson was put into jail after confessing guilty to racially assault on the club’s training ground. Hodgson says, “Any intelligent people is unwilling to see a person being assaulted racially.” This special case may deter others from doing the same thing to football players.

In the period working with Hodgson, Sterling has received many critics from many aspects, but Hodgson believes critics are inevitable in the process of player’s growing.

“It’s common that footballers will be criticized as work for a team.” he added, “that’s the method things are. From the moment putting England football shirt on, one shall get ready for abuse while one will get many praises if things go well.”

“I am assure he deals with the matter in a suitable manner, and there will be a bright future for him in England side. During the period of his management, many footballers will own a bright future for their outstanding ability and latent talent.” Hodgson said.

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