How to Keep a Straw Hat?

How to Recover Your Straw Hats?

In summer, most of us often wear straw hats because it has good breathability. Straw hats can be divided into the wide-brimmed hat and the straw bucket hat. But straw hats are also more easily crushed than other hats, especially when traveling. You may not want to wear a straw hat when it’s out of shape. In fact, it’s easy to restore its shape. Here are a few tips on how to restore a straw hat.

Firstly, you need to try steaming or wetting the hat. The most common way to steam straw hats is to use a steamer or an iron. Let the steam wrap around the brim of the hat to loosen the synthetic fibers. The steam will help the hat recover its natural shape. If you don’t have a steamer, you can use steam from a pot of hot water.

If the steam appears too saturated on the hat, stop for a few minutes before restarting the hat. Make sure steam all around the brim. Keep the steam at a distance away from the straw hat so the steam won’t damage it or hurt your hands. After steaming around the brim, place the steam throughout the inside of the crown. The steam will start popping out of the indentation of the hat.

Continue steaming until the hat is damp when you touch it. Don’t worry about the hat getting too much moisture on it because the moisture will help straighten it out. Shape the hat with your fingers. After you wet it or when you are steaming your hat, push everything back to its original position and continuously mold the straw by your hands throughout the steaming process.

Use your fingers to pull the fibers apart as you mold the hat. You can also reshape a hat with a spoon instead of your fingers during the steaming process. After you have steamed the hat, place folded towels or other clothes, such as socks, underwear or T-shirt inside the hat. This will further help restore the shape of its crown.

Secondly, if steaming your hat doesn’t work, you may want to wet it. This method is especially useful on a squished straw hat brim. The easiest way to wet your hat is to spray it with water. The moisture will make the straw more pliable and you can reshape the brim with your fingers. If this does not work, you may need to dip the crown of your hat into warm water. The hat should not be too dry or too wet, as this can cause the hat to break. Thus, make sure it’s evenly moist.

After wetting the hat, you also need to mold it back into its shape with your fingers. Then, let the hat dry naturally. If the hat does not regain its perfect shape, repeat the steaming or wetting process. That depends on the hat itself and the degree of damage. Some hats only need to steam or wet once, but others may need to go through the process once again. It is better to steam the hat for once if possible, as the steaming for a second time will damage your hat.

How to Keep Your Straw Hats Looking Fresh?

Straw hats are very lightweight and have good ability for ventilation so that most people like wearing them to go to the beaches, gardens or parks in the hot summer. The straw hat may not as good as other sun hats that can completely cover your whole head and protect you from getting sunburned. But they are fashionable and favored by many people. For young girls, they are very fond of straw hats because these hats add some chic vibe to their outfits.

For those people who like wearing a straw hat, keep your straw hat looking fresh is not an easy thing. If you want to use a straw hat in extended time and keep it new as much as possible, you should take care of your straw hats. Following we have gathered some tips for keeping your straw hats.

The first thing you should pay attention to is to keep your straw hats as dry as possible. The storage place of your hats can be anywhere, but the climate will influence your option for a place. If you put your hats in a dry place, you should check it frequently in case the weather stiffens the straw and even damages to your hats. To avoid this, you can use an iron with steam or put a pot of hot water to moisten the hat and make it smooth.

Straw hats cannot be stored in humid condition, or they will rot and mold. Thus, they cannot be worn in the rainy day. Otherwise, the straw hat will be deformed and swell. If your hat gets wet, do not dry it on a direct sunlight or heat. You should shake the water off and use a clean white cloth to wipe away the moisture from the hat, and then let it dry naturally. If the hat has a curved brim, like a bucket straw hat, do not dry on a flat surface as the brim will become misshapen.

Do not place the hat in your car or in a very hot place, as this will dry out the straw or melt the straw and cause it to become fragile and deformed. Always handle the hat by the brim with clean hands, instead of the crown. This area is the most delicate part that is easy to be damaged.

In order to keep your straw hats as new as the day you bought it, you should store it in a dark closet or a hat box. These two ways are very suitable for storing straw hats. Because straw hats have many mesh holes for ventilation, so that it may accumulate dust in the fabric. A hat box with a lid can be useful to keep your straw hats clean. If you don’t have hat boxes, you can use a shoebox to replace, as long as it is wide and large enough to hold your hats.

If you straw hat lose its shape, you can recover its shape easily. To recover it, you can place the crown on the steam and press it with your hands to help recover its shape.

How to Clean a Straw Bucket Hat?

Most people like to wear a straw bucket hat in summer while you may not know how to clean a straw bucket hat, especially when your bucket hat has any ribbon or trim. Following I will give you some tips for cleaning a straw bucket hat.  

For many straw hats, they have some accessories for decorations, such as ribbons and trim, so you must remove them before cleaning. It is best to clean them separately by dusting or hand washing. You can use a bit of steam or cool iron to refresh them. Maybe there is glue residue on the hat after the trim is removed, while remember that it will be covered when the trim is replaced.

If your hat has a veil that cannot be removed, you can use an iron or a clothes steamer or just a pot of boiling water to gently reshape a crushed veil. Do not over-iron it. Otherwise, it will damage the shape of the hat. If you want the veil to be stiff and stay away from your face, iron it with a medium setting between two sheets of waxed paper. Tiny amounts of wax are transferred to the veil in order to make it look fresh.

Whether you wear a natural hand-made straw hat or a straw hat made of synthetic fibers, you should wipe away the dust and dirt from the hat by using a clean wet cloth. Do not use a colored cloth because the dye may transfer to the hat.

If your hats get oily stains, sprinkle the stain with cornstarch or talcum powder to absorb the oil. Leave it there for a few hours and then brush or vacuum it.

To remove your sweat stains, wipe the area with a clean white cloth as soon as possible after wearing it to prevent the salts and oils of your body from staining the straw hat. Use a soft-bristled brush, such as an old toothbrush soaked in cleaning fluid, and work in a small area, only 1-2 inches at a time. When you clean your hat, you can use a white towel dampened with water to absorb the moisture. Allow the hat to dry completely then you can wear it again.

For hat wearers, sweat, make-up, lotions and hair often seep into your straw. To prevent them from seeping into the straw, you should turn the sweatband downward to make it dry out. If you hat with leather sweatband gets stain on it, you can sprinkle it with cornstarch or talcum powder to absorb moisture.

Store straw bucket hats in a cool and dry place and keep them in a good condition.  Bucket hats usually can be crushed and their brims also can be rolled up or down. If the brim is curved, place the hat upside down in the hat box to prevent the hat from deforming and to keep out of dust. Alternatively, use the hat rack or a hat stand to hang your hats onto it.

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